About The Book of Bliss

The Book of Bliss site is an eclectic collection of comic strips focused around food, health, yoga, and ice cream.

The Book of Bliss comics often feature Ella, her older brother Matt, angry ice cream cones, and chronically depressed fruit. Ella is a precocious and sarcastic little girl insatiably preoccupied with discovering new ways to be healthy and happy while eating mass quantities of ice cream.

The comic was started many years ago, but was only recently reformatted and rewebsited (that's a word) in 2017. I genuinely appreciate any and all visits; thank you so much for stopping by! Please feel free to email me for any reason at all: thebookofbliss@gmail.com

Many thanks for any likes on Facebook: The Book of Bliss on Facebook.

Comic Usage

If you would like to re-post up to five comics and use them in any not-for-profit publication, please post/print them with appropriate attribution to thebookofbliss.com. If it’s a for-profit publication or you’d like to use more than five comics/quotes, please send me an email and I will likely give permission. Any and all inquiries are very much appreciated! Email: thebookofbliss@gmail.com

About the Author

Laura is the creator of The Book of Bliss. Laura has lived in Chicago and New York City.

She has no kids, no pets, and only two remaining stuffed animals due to the recent discovery of a dust mite allergy. Alas, Laura is unaware of anyone else allergic to both real animals and stuffed animals, but would love to form a support group with anyone else who is.

Laura has been able to speak backwards phonetically since she could speak. She has been trying to find a productive use for this ever since she could speak. Please email her if you have any ideas: thebookofbliss@gmail.com